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Reserved Names

A unique subscriber feature at Pan Historia

What is a reserved Name?

A reserved name is a subscriber feature that registers a character name you have created and any variations on the name you wish to remove from availability. The benefit of this is protection of your unique names. No more lookalikes on the IMPanel for you. It's very useful if you have registered an historical character and want to be the only Winston Churchill on the site. Or maybe you just want to protect your favorite character name from irritating lookalike versions that lead your friends to mistake others for you.

How do people know I have a reserved name?

Once your name has been reserved a identifying plaque will be hung in your home.

Why have a reserved name?

Without a reservation someone could conceivably come along and assume any one of those variations. If you don't make a reservation and you take the name Harry Truman, it's then possible for someone to come along and take the name Harry S. Truman or Harry Trueman. This service makes it unnecessary to create more characters with similar names under your pseudonym, saving space on the server and giving you peace of mind. It also means you won't have to have more characters than you can actually use.

What does a reserved name look like?

For example: The name Wyatt Earp has been created and reserved. Variations of that name might be Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp, Wiatt Earp, Wyatt Erp, Marshal Wyatt Earp and so on.

Can I reserve any name?

Yes, you just need Panickels. The variations needs to be of a character already created under your pseudonym. You may not reserve a name of a character you think you may create in the future. You may not reserve a character that is held by another person. For instance if you want to be Julius Caesar and someone else already has that name or a variation of that name, you cannot reserve it or it's variation. However if the name is not reserved itself (protected) you may create a variation of it for your own use as long as it's free (not in use or reserved).

How do I reserve a name?

To reserve a name you need to compile a list, using first the primary name of the character and then all variations to go with it. Then the next name you want reserved and all variations. There is no limit to the number of character names a subscriber can reserve as long as they are already created. We do, however, limit the number of variations of any given reserved name you can reserve to 15 per subscription level. We ask that you choose carefully the variations you select for your reservations. It's impossible for us to pick them for you. Sometimes it might just be different spellings. Sometimes, for instance, if you have a 'L' in the name you might want to reserve variations with the number one in them. Example: Merlin, Mer1in. They look incredibly similiar and could lead to imposters.

Example of a list:

  • Wyatt Earp
  • Wyatt S Earp
  • Marshal Wyatt Earp
  • Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp
  • Wiatt Earp
  • Wyatt Erp

To apply for a reserved name go to Your Pandabox and click on the Reserved Name option. You need panickels to purchase this feature.

What if someone creates a name similar to mine?

Please note that we are not responsible for reserving the names for you. Your name will only be protected if you go to the trouble of reserving it. We will not ask someone to delete a character with a similar name to yours. You must reserve your name and variatons in order to avoid this situation. There is always a possibility of someone creating a lookalike name. The reserved name feature is only meant to protect your uniqueness but it cannot hope cover every possibility.

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