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PanHistoria Privacy Policy

General Privacy Statement

PanHistoria, (LLC) provides a unique and sophisticated consumer Internet community service which enables its members to enjoy PanHistoria's Online Community functions. The protection of each and every one of our subscribers' privacy is of the highest priority to us. PanHistoria will always endeavor to maintain the privacy of our subscribers' personal information to the best of our ability. However, as a practical matter, PanHistoria does log types of data about our subscribers that are necessary for the functionality and operation of the Site and its Features. PanHistoria could not provide a service to the level of quality which our members expect without this information. There are situations where PanHistoria may be required to provide this information to others. PanHistoria has made every effort to put into place strict policy and procedure guidelines that will enable us to safeguard the use of PanHistoria, or any of our authorized partners, and any data collected. This will allow us to provide the most beneficial and enjoyable member experience and maintain our highest standards of customer service. PanHistoria feels that this of primary importance.
Data That is Collected
In the normal course of the operation of PanHistoria, all of the information provided by our members is collected and stored by PanHistoria for the express use of the maintenance of that member's account(s). Any name and address information provided by the member during registration is stored for identification of the account and for such things as billing, communication, or member authentication. When a user sends and receives messages via our private messaging system, this is logged and stored for their viewing and retrieval. While the nature of PanHistoria's registration and basic operation requires that considerable information be stored for use by the system for the sake of an individual member, we shall make every attempt to protect such information from any unauthorized access through the use of encryption technologies, network firewalls, physical security, and use and access policies.
As do many websites, PanHistoria uses cookies to tell us how and when pages on our site are visited. Any information that is collected by cookies is non-personally identifiable and is used generally to make the member's experience more enjoyable overall. If you do not wish us to collect this non-personally identifiable information, you can "opt-out" by setting up your browser to refuse cookies.

It is possible for advertisers and others that serve ads on PanHistoria or otherwise add content to the site to use their own cookies. This Privacy Policy does not cover the use of cookies by any advertisers or other third parties on the PanHistoria site because we do not have access to the information collected by third party cookies.
Usage by Type of Information
    1. Totally Private Information
    PanHistoria does not share any of the information about you that would not be known to others with anyone outside of PanHistoria without your consent. Examples of this information include your in- and outbound communications (such as electronic mail ), your web browsing activity, your payment information (including credit card number), and/or credit history. Exceptions to this policy are:
  • A. With your explicit permission, such as when you press "Send" to send your on-site instant messages out (which will have your registered user-name attached) or when you elect to fill in information requested by us or another party that is specifically intended to be provided to a third party.
  • B. When necessary to protect our members from unauthorized uses of PanHistoria, including any user's abuse of the system to harass or harm anyone else or disrupt normal usage of the Site or Internet, including various legal or illegal activities, which, in the view of PanHistoria, constitutes a misuse of the site and a breach of the charter agreement. This is whether or not required to do so by law.
  • C. When required by applicable law or regulation or subpoena, warrant or other legal process to disclose such information to law enforcement authorities or anyone else.
    2. Personal Information
    PanHistoria considers your name, address, phone and user logon information to be confidential. Such information may be used by PanHistoria and its partners for legitimate business purposes. Examples of such uses include, but are not limited to:
  • A. Conducting corporate user satisfaction surveys, recruiting for focus group participants or for trial participants to test upcoming new features for the PanHistoria Communities or other similar, professionally managed marketing purposes.
  • B. Offers by PanHistoria to its subscribers for premium services, promotions run by PanHistoria in conjunction with partners that in PanHistoria's opinion provide substantial benefit to a broad distribution of PanHistoria members and other necessary communications from PanHistoria regarding its service.
  • C. Accessing such information in order to assist you with your questions about your membership, billing or use of (or inability to use) PanHistoria or the Internet.

  • PanHistoria and its partners will not knowingly disclose such information to third parties except when necessary to enforce PanHistoria's Charter or if required by applicable law, or a subpoena, warrant or other legal process. PanHistoria attempts to guard against any accidental or inadvertent disclosure and unauthorized access through the use of encryption technologies, network firewalls, physical security, and use and access policies

    3. Aggregate Information
    PanHistoria aggregates certain non-personal information and business data pertaining to the usage of its service. Such data is used, among other things, for the purposes of understanding subscribers and their usage of the service, to improve existing features and to add new features, content, capabilities and services. Examples of non-personal usage data include (but are not limited to) such things as subscriber usage of features, hits on specific pages, content, advertisements and promotions; access by users of partner and other Web sites; revenue collection, geographic distribution and net subscription activations. Such aggregate information does not contain user-specific information that reveals any specific user's identity. PanHistoria reserves the right to share this information with anyone.

    4. Children
    PanHistoria does not direct or target its website to children under the age of 13, nor does PanHistoria knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13.

    Access to Information

    1. Access by Authorized PanHistoria Employees or Staff
    PanHistoria safeguards its customer information from unauthorized access. Only authorized employees or agents carrying out legitimate business functions are permitted access to customer information.

    2. Access by Subscribers
    By contacting PanHistoria, subscribers can have access to their personal registration information at all times in order to determine its accuracy and make changes if necessary.

    3. Access by Unauthorized Individuals
    PanHistoria attempts to protect its members' privacy by using technologies and processes such as encryption, access control procedures, network firewalls and physical security. While these technologies and methods are designed to increase the security and privacy of information traveling to, from and within PanHistoria, PanHistoria cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality or security of this information.

    4. PanHistoria Communications
    PanHistoria reserves the right to forward occasional promotions to or communicate directly with to its subscribers regarding certain information and/or special offers regarding PanHistoria that PanHistoria deems to be of value and interest to its membership.

    5. PanHistoria's Reports to Advertisers
    PanHistoria reserves the right to report on the success rates for subscriber visits to ads placed by advertisers on the PanHistoria Website, however, PanHistoria does not deliver any information about the identity of a specific member along with its summary of aggregate information about ad hits to any advertiser.

    6. Other Access by PanHistoria
    PanHistoria members may complain about being the target of certain unwanted or illegal behavior, or others may complain about being the target of unwanted or illegal behavior coming from another PanHistoria member. When this occurs, PanHistoria reserves the right to inspect any member information necessary in order to investigate any and all allegations or complaints received by PanHistoria and to respond regarding any actions taken to resolve any complaint.

    PanHistoria will send an e-mail to any member against whom a complaint has been received to warn them that certain behavior is not permitted on the PanHistoria Site. If such behavior persists, PanHistoria may warn the member that additional complaints may result in the suspension or termination of any and all accounts; however, PanHistoria reserves the right to suspend or terminate a user account(s) without notice. PanHistoria will notify a member by e-mail if, as a result of continued disallowed behavior, their user account has been terminated. This notice may occur after PanHistoria has already terminated the account(s).

    If PanHistoria becomes aware that illegal activities are being conducted using a PanHistoria account, PanHistoria reserves the right to contact the appropriate authorities at its discretion when it appears that illegal activities are taking place within the context of a user account.

    Subscriber Responsibility for Protection and Privacy

    1. User Account Protection
    PanHistoria members are responsible for the use of their own accounts. PanHistoria recommends that members use passwords to protect their accounts from any unauthorized access by others. Specifically, PanHistoria members that allow access by others, including family or household members, to their PanHistoria accounts are responsible for the actions of those individuals, including the invasion of privacy on the user's totally private information.

    2. Protection of Children
    PanHistoria is a family-friendly service, however, the Internet contains information that may be offensive to certain PanHistoria users, particularly to children or to the Parents of those children. In addition, there may individuals seeking to obtain access to children for various unauthorized purposes. PanHistoria cannot prevent inappropriate contacts between other Internet users and children. We feel that parents are ultimately responsible for the behavior and well-being of their children, and the use of PanHistoria by their children. Parents should make every effort in order to password protect their own account as well as monitor the use of their children's' accounts to prevent the inadvertent identification of that child to others or access of inappropriate Materials by the child.

    3. Information provided to other Internet Sites
    PanHistoria provides its subscribers with access to a vast array of information and, thusly, information providers on the Internet. Every content provider manages its information differently and, as a result, PanHistoria cannot control and/or monitor the information that is either sent or received via the Internet. Subscribers should attempt to understand the privacy policies of the web sites to which they choose to provide information and use their own discretion and common sense. It is up to each member to be careful when visiting the web sites of other providers on the Internet. This is to ensure that their privacy is not being in any way compromised.

    4. Disclosures Relating to Abusive Use.
    Users that violate the Charter may be subject to investigation by PanHistoria, warnings, suspension or termination of their service and even civil or criminal liability through law enforcement.

    How To Contact Us

    If at any time you have questions about or believe that PanHistoria has not adhered to this Policy, please email

    PanHistoria will use all commercially reasonable efforts to promptly determine and correct any existing problems.

    Changes to this Policy

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