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Member Levels

Pan Historia is a real community where different people have specific roles within the community. The icons are a handy quick visual reference to immediately identify these roles, often called levels.

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What are levels and how do I change levels?

What do the icons mean?

There are a couple of ways to change your level in the community. You gain experience by the time spent here. You start off as a cub writer, a novice in the community. After so many logins you will be automatically up graded to a writer status.

Authors are members who have chosen to support the community by subscribing. They can upgrade their status to Featured Authors, Best Sellers, Anniversary Members, or Friendship Members. Subscription is achieved by purchasing site currency called Pandemoney. You can spend your pandemoney on features or exchange them with friends. They are not redeemable for cash.

Agents, Editors, and Genies are volunteer members who have shown dedication and given hours of hard work to the site and are now qualified to help with the administration of the community. They also have creative input. They are selected by the Publishers of Pan Historia.

Publisher - Site Owner who can fix things, answer questions, and generally help out.
Agent - Site Staff and volunteers who can fix things, answer questions, and handle disputes and infractions of the charter.
Editor - Site staff and volunteers who can answer your questions, help out Cubs and newcomers to Pan, and help organize events, foster participation, and generally help out.
Illustrator - Site staff and volunteers who can help with graphics and HTML questions, and are responsible for creating graphics for use around the site.
Librarian - a volunteer who a discussion leader in the Reference Library. Librarians can be found hanging out at The Symposia.
Founding Members - These are lifetime (of the site) members at the highest level of subscription, enjoying the full services and who have shown early support for our site. VIPs! Availability of this level of subscription has ended.
Friendship Members - Like the Founding Membership in that they enjoy all features for free, but available all the time. Unlike the Founding Membership they must renew yearly to continue their top tier support.
Anniversary Member - These are members at the highest level of subscription and a special gold star.
Best Sellers - These are members at the top tier of regular subscriptions.
Featured Author - A member who has committed to the site and shown their support by subscribing at the middle level.
Author - A subscribed member at the first tier.
Writer - Experienced member.
Cub Writer - Members recently joined Pan Historia. They will automatically be upgraded to Writer after so many logins.

To learn more go to the subscribe page.

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