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About Pan Historia

Pan Historia means "all history": referring to the idea of the panorama of history from the ancient to the far future, and not excluding all other genres.

Pan Historia is designed to be a community for writers, graphc artists, poets, and researchers - with an emphasis on interactive creative fiction often called role play with an emphasis on role play writing or literary role play. While Pan Historia is a home for role play writers, it's also a home for all sorts of writers with sections for short stories and poetry as well as the the role play groups we call novels - where people can get together to write collaborative fiction. People interested in writing about or discussing history, science, art, current events, etc, can get together in convivial surroundings and join our reference groups called Reference Books.

The community was created after the Publishers were inspired in various other online communities but felt limited. Pan Historia is designed to, hopefully, strip away limits and allow people freedom with their imagination.

What's Different?

Traditional role play often involves game like rules or complex charts and dice rolls or chat room acting out. Here it mainly means writing colloborative fiction and is only limited by the imagination.


Pan Historia's publishers are a group of people that met via community on the internet and are located all over the United States. They are expert in one or more of the following fields: writing, programming, web design, graphic arts, and community administration and facilitation. Their committment to community is emphasized in Pan Historia's attitude of listening to the membership and hands on roles within the community itself, as well as writing fiction! Each of Pan Historia's Publishers are professionals in their field who are currently donating their time and energy to the community because of their strong belief that it's a needed outlet.


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