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Nominate Cosima's Home for the Panorama!

The Panorama of Homes is Pan Historia's famous boulevard lined with the most beautiful and unique homes from all over the community. The designs you find here display the best creative efforts of the membership and offer a tantalizing glimpse of the vast possibilities one can achieve with character homes.

Note: Please ensure the home meets the Panorama Guidelines
The Panorama of Homes has specific guidelines found on the Panorama Policies & Guidelines page to ensure that members taking the tour see a fantastic variety of awe-inspiring homes. Homes submitted should meet or exceed all of the criteria otherwise it is likely the home will be rejected.

Please be aware of the full Panorama Policies & Guidelines! Each nomination is assessed by the guidelines provided and the approval of homes for inclusion in the Panorama is at the Staff's discretion.

Nomination Information

Tell us the reason for nominating Cosima:

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