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Panorama Best Homes Of Pan Guidelines

The Panorama of Homes is Pan Historia's famous boulevard lined with the most beautiful and unique homes from all over the community. The designs you find on the Panorama display the best creative efforts of the membership and offer a tantalizing glimpse of the vast possibilities one can achieve with character homes.

Guidlines for Inclusion in the Panorama

  • Beauty and design: The whole should be pleasing and harmonious containing a balance of images, text, and well integrated with the Pan Historia features.
  • Theme: The design, text, and graphics used should be a good match for the character depicted.
  • Informative: There should be text and graphics that give you a fuller idea of the personality of the character and writer. While awards and fun plaques are great they should not overbalance the design or detract from telling the viewer something about the character.
  • Complete: Every page of their home should have been tended to. They need to have a decorated profile page and if they have a study it should be used as well.
  • HTML: It is possible to have a beautiful home without incredible HTML skills however there should be a successful attempt to attend to detail. For instance if CSS is not used than the design works with the default Pan font colors.
  • Gadgets: Minimal and effective use of advanced options like music, animations, or javascript so that everyone can enjoy the home, whether or not they have plugins or the most advanced computer.
  • Compatibility: The design and features used to customize the home should be compatible with most browsers and screen resolutions nor should any feature of the design force the width of the default home design out of skew.
  • Up to Date: Make sure the character is still active (their last login date is on their profile) and that the design is not 'dated' as in being a Halloween Home and it's now June.

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