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Sample Post from the Action Genre this Month:

Post Author at Pan HistoriaWilolonanne posts in Survivor! Pan Historia

Noina shivered, overhearing Ialora’s description of the cloaker. She had heard of them before, but never had encountered one. As the smallest of the group, she felt very vulnerable. She had wondered why she was even there, why she had been invited along. Her illusions were often very good and she was excellent in the quiet kill. And she had saved the delicious Dinnus from a nasty ending—perhaps others as well with her flare of light. What else could she offer for this team and adventure?

A deep moan reverberated through the shadowed chamber, the beating drum shaking the rock beneath their feet. Noina stopped, paralyzed, aware of the darkness all around her. Was that a shape moving there? Drawing her little sword, a beautifully knapped obsidian blade sharper than any steel, Noina waited. Generating a little light, a flicker of cobalt like a gas flame dancing along the stone blade, she cast the illusion as far as she could to light the vast chamber.

With a whistling call, the cloaker flung itself on to Noina. She screamed—alerting the rest of her team to her danger. Dinnus was the closest and drew his shining blade with a singing note. Noina felt the clinging, numbing darkness enveloping her. It held too tightly for her to move her blade, pressing her body so that with each breath she had just a little bit less space in her lungs. The world became hazy as she could feel a thousand invisible claws and needle-like teeth begin to rend her flesh, puncture organ, slice through vessels and veins.

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