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Sample Post from the Contemporary Genre this Month:

Post Author at Pan HistoriaMiss Violetti posts in Eden's Paradise

Yachts were lined up like limos at an awards ceremony. As each one drew up to the pier assistants jumped off pushing clothing racks, all covered but there were flashes of silk and sequins and netting.

Miss Violetti recognized or thought she recognized some of the designers. Very famous indeed only they looked better than in their promotional material. Who looked better than in their promos which were all photoshopped to perfection making even the oldest ones look perfect.

A procession of people carrying an array of colorful and varied hat boxes exited a boat. In the center was a man with shorn head and stubbly jaw. Miss White squealed something about hats and Elvis and ran over to the man. Ah, it was Elvis Pomilio. Wasn't he Belgian? Wasn't Miss White? Even though her brother was... Miss Violetti shook her head. No time for that.

A gleaming teak yacht was at the pier. It was elegant and classic and all the other yachts probably felt like sad pretenders with this boat in their midst. There was no rush of assistants gushing out, but a couple chatting, the man stopped to light the woman's cigarette which she had placed in a holder.

The woman was slender and in a dark dress with long tight fitted sleeves. She was draped with pearls. Her thick dark hair was in a wavy bob. Her skin was milky perfection. Her eyebrows perfect long slashes that lifted upwards making her eyes even more dramatic.

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