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Sample Post from the History Genre this Month:

Post Author at Pan HistoriaLeonor de Teles posts in Poisoned Crown

Despite the cold, it was pleasant to be outside under the sun. Leonor walked with Maria in the garden, while princess Beatriz and some of her other ladies in waiting were seated at a bench, talking. Lately she found herself spending great part of her days at the castle, helping her sister out with the marriage arrangements, while her husband stayed down in the city, waiting in agony for an audience with the king.

"She is upset," Maria revealed, talking about the princess, once she was not able to listen the Teles sisters.


"She thinks the king could have done a better match for her than Sancho of Castile."

"I doubt so," Leonor replied, glancing behind at Beatriz. "She's a bastard child. Of noble blood, yes. But still a bastard. Marrying a noble from Castile to help to cement the peace of the country is more than most bastards get. She should feel honored the king has chosen her for such task. She will live in a castle, have a good life. He could have just lock her up in a convent."

"Some would not agree with you. Her mother was crowned Queen of Portugal. Beatriz is the daughter of kings."

Leonor noticed that Maria did not include her husband in the conversation. If Beatriz would be lifted of her bastard condition and considered the child of kings, then so would John, her brother. Which would made him a direct heir to the throne, in case king Ferdinand would die without any children. And Maria, as his wife, would have the chance to become queen of Portugal.

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