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Sample Post from the Action Genre this Month:

Post Author at Pan HistoriaJessica Love posts in A Hard Day's Night

Jessica was almost out her door when her phone rang.

“Hello?” She balanced her coat and bag on one arm, answering the phone with the other.

“Agent, Love?”

The voice on the other end of the line took her by surprise. Very female, very young, and knew her name. As much as Jessica was ready to get out the door, and to MI6 Headquarters, the caller had her attention.

“And you are?”

“Agent Noir. Bette Noir. I’ve been assigned to aid you in finding the Skull.”

Now the girl really had her attention. Jessica sat down. “What do you know about this Skull, Bette Noir?” This was the second time she’d been distracted by this mystery skull and had yet to be told anything beyond the mentioning of it. Could this be what was stolen from the museum? Could the CIA be after it, just as the Russians and Brits seemed to be? Interesting.

“Not over the phone. We should meet.”

Perfect, Jessica thought. If she was being forced to work with this little American agent, then Jessica would put her to good use. “Yes, we should. Meet me outside of MI6 Headquarters in one hour, Agent Noir!”

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