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Sample Post from the Action Genre this Month:

Post Author at Pan HistoriaRaife posts in Thrilling Tales

Raife Percival hadn’t been in La Ville Lumière for twenty-four hours before finding himself in his next assignment. In his experience, there was no rest for the intelligence community, especially during such uncertain times. The war wasn’t over, as much as the world seemed to think it was. The hard-hit French stretched nostalgically back for the salad days of the Belle Époque while simultaneously charging forward, devil-may-care, into modernity with shorter skirts, American-Negro dance music, and a distrust of the Powers That Be. Anything to take their minds off the unpleasant present and the prospect of rebuilding their beloved nation with Germany’s worthless reparations.

At least that’s what it said on the front page of Le Figaro. Percival folded the periodical with one hand and discarded it into a chiffonnier’s cart, upsetting the gathered pigeons and occasioning them to seek crumbs elsewhere.

The city still glistened from rain the night before, but it was mild and clement in the hour before noon, as The Knave arrived at the café. “Bonjour, mes amis,” he greeted his friends jovially, hooking his flat cap onto the corner of a wrought-iron chair and taking a seat at the umbrella-covered table. He tightened the knot of his basil-coloured necktie into the delta of his club collar as he nodded to the others sitting round the table.

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